Local Expertise International Depth

Zahaf Law Firm was founded in 1990 by Dr. Saleh M Zahaf in order to provide its international and local clients professional, genuine and accurate legal services. Owing to our remarkable performance and high regard as a result of our services, we have had significant collaborations with globally renowned law firms.

Zahaf Law Firm actively assists a variety of commercial institutions at both the national and international levels to operate efficiently by overseeing all necessary procedures and documents. To resolve comprehensive solutions for our clients’ legal issues, we take every effort in developing and sustaining relationships with national and international audit and tax advisory firms. From time to time, we occasionally request the advice of eminent jurists and professors of Law for special cases.

Our professional legal team possesses a unique advocacy methodology to represent our clients before National Courts and Arbitration. We also offer our clients with precise legal translation where applicable.


Zahaf Law Firm has a strong work culture and our clients are confident of our ability and vision to succeed. Our fundamental values run parallel to our aspiration and function as our guidelines

Dedication To Clients

In an increasingly competitive legal market, we will persistently venture to put our clients first by offering them responsible and timely legal and commercial counsel. Our primary focus is our clients and to meet their needs with our rich range of legal expertise. To this end, we are committed to help them in every legal aspect by anticipating their needs. It is important that we understand our clients’ needs to ensure prompt response as well as reaching swift solutions in strategic cases thus meeting and even exceeding their expectations.

Excellence In Quality

It is understood that dedication to quality combined with technical & legal expertise forms the cornerstone of our business. Quality legal representation is essential for a successful business. Our reputation hinges on the quality of our legal team and the work we are assigned. We will constantly endeavor to be at the forefront with required skill and expertise and we offer to our clients and other local and international agencies that we interact with.


We take pride that one of our greatest strengths lies in teamwork. We work together as a team with a solid understanding of the depth of our individual skills and capability and different areas of our specialization. Working as a team, we are dedicated to communicate clearly, assign and delegate responsibility and respect various viewpoints. Mutual respect and cooperation will ensure that effective communication is employed and maintained both internally and externally at all times.