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Capital Markets

Whether you are an individual, a company, or a governmental entity looking to invest in a specific industry, Zahaf law firm, with its commercial and financial experience, next to its legal knowledge, is the optimal choice for any investor. The combined nature of the capital markets makes it a complex environment, and with the laws and regulations governing it being complicated as well, clients need a firm that is well versed in all commercial and financial matters. Zahaf law firmʼs attorneys are able to predict investors needs and understand their concerns, and work on minimizing the risks that might face them. Zahaf work with national and international investment companies next to its attorneys expertise, gives it an unrivaled position in this field and makes it the firm you want by your side to provide you with the confidence as you enter the investment world. Our services in this area:

  • handling legal procedures regarding buying and selling shares and stocks.

  • provide legal advisory on investment law and corporate law.

  • mergers and acquisitions.

  • companies liquidation and selling.



Zahaf & Partners Law Firm is a full-service independent law firm based in Tripoli, Libya.

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Finance and Projects

We offer our clients with consultations across several fields including Civil Law, Commercial Law, Commercial Agency Law, Investment Law, Maritime and Aviation Law, Banking Transactions, Commercial Companies, Tax Law, Social Security Law, Labour Law, Administrative Law and Telecommunications Law.

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Employment Matters

While efficiency and Productivity are Crucial in the Work Environment, Having Statutory working Conditions is important as well. Zahaf law Firm Assistes you in developing and modifying internal labor manuals and ensures it's Compliance withe current Law and regulations, to protect employees rights

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