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Libya’s capacity of exporting, and its Oil reserves are the largest in Africa, but there is a major relay on EPSAs in the country, so as a Libyan-based firm, Zahaf law firm put together a highly skilled team of attorneys and harnessed it’s efforts to be at the forefront in this industry legal scene, As a result Zahaf was able to work on complex cases, such as representing international oil & gas companies employees in their labor dispute over being released after many years of oil production halt.

The firm’s work with oil & gas companies, and laborers, combined its awareness of the political, economic and national nature of the oil industry, gave Zahaf a clear view and in depth comprehension of the concerns that may arise from IOCs and NOC and any legal issues that may occur in the Libyan oilfields, making the firm able to represent international companies the proper representation before Libyan courts and arbitration, and provide wise counseling in the Libyan petroleum law and its various topics, such as mining, transportation, sale and supply arrangements..etc.



Zahaf & Partners Law Firm is a full-service independent law firm based in Tripoli, Libya.

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Dispute Resolution

Zahaf possesses extensive experience in resolving financial, commercial, and labor disputes. The firm's lawyers have represented numerous natural and legal persons, as well as local and international corporations with significant commercial reputation. The firm team helps clients avoid and resolve disputes by providing practical and efficient legal advisory that is compatible with their Stategic business goals.

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Employment Matters

While efficiency and Productivity are Crucial in the Work Environment, Having Statutory working Conditions is important as well. Zahaf law Firm Assistes you in developing and modifying internal labor manuals and ensures it's Compliance withe current Law and regulations, to protect employees rights

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